Special Occasions

Newly married couple with sparklers being used to celebrate their marriage.


We love being a part of the magical ending of the wedding that you have always dreamed of!

Our wedding sparklers feature wire-core construction, an easy-to-light tip, and burn almost smokeless with a gold color for at least two minutes each.

Congratulations! Share the joy with a BANG!!

Gender Reveal

You’ve got big news! We’ve go what you need to express your excitement to those you love… with a BANG! Choose from gender-colored smoke, pink or blue 16-shot aerial cakes, and large cakes that alternate pink and blue then launch a spectacular [and very revealing] finale to match your choice of gender.

Celebrate All Kindsa Stuff All Year!

Fireworks can be the perfect addition to any joyous occasion. Parties, graduations, reunions, team entrances, championships, memorials, big announcements… gosh, you name it. We promise to do our best to help you celebrate and wow your favorite people at whatever you are excited about!

Use the IGNITE System to Create a Spectacular Show at Your Next Celebration!

Dizzy Dean’s Fireworks is an authorized dealer for the fantastic [and affordable] IGNITE Firing System. Use your smart phone + IGNITE system to shoot off multiple fireworks at a safe distance in a perfectly timed manner [and – if you dare – sync your show to your playlist!]