Safety Tips

Alabama allows consumer fireworks and Dizzy Dean’s wants you to have an explosion of fun. WE ALSO WANT YOU TO BE SAFE and prepared to use fireworks. Following these suggestions and exercising good old fashioned common sense can keep you in the FUN ZONE and out of the DANGER ZONE!


Young children should always have an adult present when using fireworks. What about sparklers you might ask? Yep – even sparklers should have adult supervision.


Dizzy Dean’s Fireworks is a licensed distributor of Fireworks. Don’t purchase fireworks from unlicensed sellers. Fireworks that backfire aren’t that much fun.


Always remember to scout out a good safe place to shoot off your fireworks. A flat area away from dry debris. The more fireproof the ground is the better. Flat and level with nothing overhead and away from homes.


As spectators of the glorious show that fireworks can be when performed properly, we should keep our distance and respect the sparks. Try to stay at least 200′ away [about the maximum distance they would shoot if turned sideways.]


If you are wondering about how many fireworks you should light at once, one at a time is the rule of thumb for holiday gatherings.


Never place your body directly over a fireworks device. They are made for fun at a safe distance. If they are too close, they can cause internal damage.


Keep fireworks in their proper place. Out of pockets and glass containers. No reason to risk getting hurt.


Don’t pick up any fireworks that don’t fire. Stay on the fun side and leave it alone. Reigniting a firework that doesn’t go off can be VERY dangerous.

“FUNNY” SAFETY TIP – Keep an eye on those pets!


Alcohol and explosive devices never mix. Just ask ole “8 Finger Freddy”. So please… never drink and use fireworks.


Instructions are IMPORTANT! They are there for a very good reason and should be heeded for responsible fireworks use. Please… read them and follow them.


Having a hose hooked up to a water source is always a cool idea. Sometimes things can go wrong, so it’s best to be prepared with some water to douse any unintentional fires. No hose? Just keep a big bucket of water if you handy.


Don’t listen to “One Eyed Earl” when he tells you that you got two eyes – and one to spare. Wearing safety glasses might seem tedious but your eyesight is a valued asset. So keep it fun and safe with some safety glasses when firing. [Earplugs aint a bad idea either.]


We’ve all heard our crazy uncle talk about bottle rocket wars, but remember why he’s got that funny twitch in his eyes. Never throw fireworks devices at another person. Fireworks can result in injuries when used inappropriately.


Finally, when all the fun has been had, it’s a good idea to water down the used fireworks. When sure the used fireworks have been properly doused, you can throw them away in a covered trash can. We aren’t trashy people so it’s always a great idea to clean up after yourself. This will go a long way in keeping your mothers, spouses and neighbors sane and open to the idea of more fireworks for the next celebration!